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The thermo-welded bellows are made, at the customer's request, by heat-sealing PVC frames inside each loop and without the use of glues or pleated with only fabric.



There are various thicknesses. We use the thinnest looms and fabrics for critical encumbrance conditions.


The looms and fabrics are chosen based on the bellows width, the overall dimensions of the closed package, and other technical factors. In any case, our technical office is available to support you in the right choice.


Based on the working conditions, we chose the best-fittings fabrics from our catalog. They can be dustproof, oil, greases and varnish resistant, Furthermore, the fabrics work in a high range of operating temperatures, have high rigidity and non-deformable structure.

PVC coated nylon

sp.0.25- 0.36

Economical, excellent as anti-dust, oils, lubricants, coolants.

Operating temperatures from -30°C to +70°C

Polyurethane coated nylon sp.0.25 or 0.36

Temperature resistance between -30°C to + 150°C, anti oils, acids, liquids, processing residues, shavings, metal powders

Siliconized glass fiber sp. 0.5

Resistant to temperatures from -30°C to + 250°C

Aramid fabric

Aramid support coated with polyurethane thickness 0.35

Temperature resistant between -30°C to + 380°C, self-extinguishing, resistant to petroleum products, oils, abrasions, high mechanical resistance, welding splashes, incandescent materials

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