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These bellows have the characteristic of "adapting" where required with considerable extension capacity in the face of a minimum bulk in compression conditions. They are sewn with extreme care, skill and technique, using exclusive high-quality yarns.


The bellows, from the standard catalog, can be created with customized lengths according to your needs.


High temperature




Resistant to water, coolants, etc.


Anti-oil / anti dust

(with characteristics of economy and versatility)



We use a wide range of technical materials chosen according to the type of application. Those can be dust, resistant to oils and fats, varnish, resistant to various operating temperatures. Some possess high-rigidity and non-deformability of its structure.


sfondo disegni.jpg


We can supply our products with fixing solutions

according to the requirements:

Flanges in stainless steel or PVC

with thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to 3 mm or more

Reinforcement structures

internal coil and external coil


Sliding bushings



Stroke limiters

for applications of high extension bellows both vertically and horizontally


Velcro or zipper closure

for quick assembly

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